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arch supportS (N12)
'NOA' has once more innovated 'NOA ARCH SUPPORTS' which can be readily attached to any footwear in use instead of preparing whole footwear with inbuilt arch support.
Advantages :
  • No need to prepare / fabricate whole foot ware, so time and money both saved.
  • Available in four different sizes suitable to entire range of feet sizes and can be instantaneously fitted to the footwear in use as per the desired size.
  • Better material than conventional materials in use, so better durability.
Instruction :
  • Coat both surfaces with SR adhesive after cleaning.
  • Allow adhesive to dry tacky then press.
  • Desirable to use for both the feet.
Sizes :
  • For left or right : 1-2 for Children, 3-4 for Male/Female Adult
Navchetan Orthopedic Appliances offers various types of orthotics and prosthetics devices. The company also offers foot orthotics like arch supports for footwear and orthopedic shoes. The arch supports for footwear are available in four different sizes.
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