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Dorsiflexion Assist Device (N21)
Features :
  • Very easy to put on and remove, so patients' compliance is at best.
  • Can be used with any footwear by stitching / riveting the strip.
  • Extra straps are available for bare foot.
  • Well padded below knee strap with a loop for easy insertion and adjustment of Velcro, to adjust the tension of spring.
  • Can be used in all the conditions of foot drop where dorsiflexion assistance is required.
  • Can be used as foot drop night splint too.
  • Can be used along with ilizarov treatment.
Sizes :
  • Single size for all (Adult)
We offer foot orthotics like dorsiflexion assist device, arch supports for footwear and orthopedic shoes. The dorsiflexion assist device can be used as foot drop splint. We ofer dorsiflexion assist device with extra straps which are available for bare foot.
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