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dynamic elbow flexion extension orthosis (N07)
NOA has come out with yet another Innovative Orthosis for Dynamic Flexion and Extension of Elbow joint. It is light weight, elegant, waterproof, washable, well padded and yet sturdy. It provides freedom to the patients from all the hassles of seating across the conventional "Elbow Flexion Extension board".
Advantages :
  • Well padded, unbreakable, washable, reusable & economic.
  • Very good patient’s compliance.
  • Finger-thumb attachments are optional.
  • Adjustable wrist-tension by detaching one or two springs.
  • Available in small, medium & large sizes for left and right hand.
Method of use :
  • As Shown Above , keep the centre of the dial of the splint in line with the elbow "joint line" and fasten the Velcro straps. Place the splint posteriorly or anteriorly as required. Before starting exercise, adjust the load according to requirement, by pressing the stud in the hole with the help of the key provided. keep equal load on both medial and lateral sides.
Precaution :
  • Undue force on spring while loading / unloading can dislodge the anchor of the spring.
Indications :
  • All conditions of stiff elbow to increase the range of motion.
  • To assist to increase the power of muscles around elbow.
Navchetan Orthopedic Appliances offers various types of orthotics and prosthetics devices including dynamic elbow flexion extension orthosis. Dynamic elbow flexion extension orthosis is well padded, unbreakable, washable, reusable and economic.
Sizes :
  • Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large for Left & Right side
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