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Dyanamic O.A. Knee Brace (N25)
Osteo Arthrosis of knee joint is a very common condition in day to day out patient practice of orthopedic clinicians all over the world. Each and every patient has a different problem of different magnitude. So all these patients can not be treated by any single modality of treatment. Those who are not willing to undergo surgery or either surgery is not indicated or it is contraindicated, conservatism is the only recourse left out. In the conservative management of osteoarthrosis of knee, NOA has once again introduced yet another innovation in the name and form of "NOA-Dynamic O.A. Knee Brace".
Features :
  • Dynamic and polycentric control over the diseased knee.
  • Light weight, so better “patients’ compliance”.
  • Made of engineering plastic to give better strength without increasing weight.
  • Four polycentric gears for stress free smooth joint movement.
  • Two coil springs, one above and one below the joint, to adjust alignment of Limb and correct Angular deformity.
  • Velcro fasteners for easy fitting and removal of splint.
  • Femoral and Tibial straps are made up of flexible and soft materials to have better grip.
Indications :
  • Very good supplement in conservative management of osteoarthritis of knee.
  • For significant corrections of Varus and Valgus deformities of knee.
  • For controlling rotational strain over the diseased joint mechanism.
  • For spontaneous relief of up to severe joint pain.
  • Trying before surgery, possibly to avoid surgery.
  • For postponement of surgery due to medical conditions or any other reasons.
  • For collateral ligament injuries.
  • Used in post operative cases of trauma.
Benefits :
  • Shifts the weight off the painful medial or lateral compartment of joint, as the case may be.
  • The position of brace does not change in sitting or standing postures of the patient. So, does not need frequent adjustments of the brace, so better “patients’ compliance”.
  • Improvement of gait in strength and appearance due to relief of pain and correction of deformity.
  • Improvement of stability of the joint. Due to which patient gains more confidence while walking than without this brace.
  • Economical compared to the significant clinical improvement achieved.
  • Durable though light weight.
  • Maintenance free.
How to use :
  • First, put the orthotic knee joint on the lateral side of knee joint keeping the marked arrow in line with mid-point of patella.
  • Then fasten the Tibial and Femoral straps enough tight, one after the other, keeping the position of orthotic knee joint exactly on the lateral side of knee joint aligning the marked arrow with the mid point of patella.
How to decide the size to be used :
Measure the diameter of thigh at 15 cm or 6” from the joint line. The size of diameter of thigh at that level is the size of brace required for the patient. These braces are available for left and right side as well as for Varus and valgus deformities.
Sizes :
Size Measurement
Small 50-43 cms
Medium 56-48 cms
Large 62-53 cms
Extra large 68-58 cms
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