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femoral brace (N20)
Femoral Brace
Features :
  • An ideal brace for treating fractures of Femur after removal of plaster cast when the process of fracture union is in the last phase. Patients are more comfortable than in the plaster cast.
  • Can be used in emergency to provide temporary partial immobilization, in cases of fracture of Femur.
  • Two halves of the brace grip all around the fracture area like a pair of claws / clamps.
  • Non-weight bearing knee and ankle exercises can be instituted while the fracture union is in the last phase. So there is early recovery of joint motion and muscle power,as compared to the "continuous plaster cast till final union", i.e. rehabilitation period is shortened and there is less chance of muscular atrophy.
  • Conforms to any size and shape of thigh.
  • Duration of application : As suggested by the clinician.
Sizes :
  • Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
Navchetan Orthopedic Appliances offers various types of orthotics and prosthetics devices including femoral brace, thigh brace, knee braces, and ankle braces. Knee braces and ankle braces are useful in non-weight bearing knee and ankle exercises while the fracture union is in the last phase. The femoral brace is available in small, extra small, medium and large size.
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