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knuckle bender (N17)
Applications :
  • To flex the stiff metacarpophalangeal joints of the hand.
Advantages :
  • Circular steel spring is applied to maintain constant pressure (unlike rubber band.)
  • The stainless steel springs are detachable to increase and decrease tension as per the patient's requirement.
  • It is well padded, unbreakable, washable, reusable and economic.
  • Very good patient's compliance.
  • It is available in small, medium & large sizes.
Note : Take precaution while interchanging the springs with a plier, that the ends are not pulled more than 20 mm.
Sizes :
  • Small, Medium, Large
Navchetan Orthopedic Appliances is a mark of innovative orthotics and prosthetics. We offer various types of prosthetics devices like knuckle bender, splint, brace, finger splints, and orthopedic shoes.
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