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Navchetan Orthopedic Appliances is a mark of innovative Orthotics and Prosthetics. The company is a proprietary firm of Mr. Amubhai D. Chudasama who started his career in this field before around 35 years and established "NOA" in the year 1976, with a set up to fabricate orthotics and prosthetics. During all these years, the company has progressed by leaps and bounces due to the attitude of innovation and services to customers to their satisfaction. The company's focus is on the customers' satisfaction right from the inception and the proprietor Mr.Chudasama always believes that, and that is the reason of the progress of the company. The rest of the contributing reasons for progress follow automatically. So keeping the benefit of customers in focus, Mr.Chudasama has innovated many products which are marketed all throughout India and in few of the foreign countries. Recently, the company has started exporting to few foreign countries. The products are well accepted not only by the patients but also by the prescribing Orthopedic Surgeons and Physiotherapists.
The company offers various types of prosthetics devices like splint, brace, finger splints, TLSO, orthopedic shoes. We also offer various types of foot orthotics like knee braces, leg braces, ankle braces and arch supports for footwear.
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