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tibial functional brace kit (N19)
The advantages of functional bracing are very well known to the orthopedic fraternity. The principle and its application has stood the test of time. By now there are innumerable studies from various parts of the world showing the utility of this method. In spite of this fact the method is not being used widely, simply because of the non availability of highly efficient design of braces in India.
Navchetan Orthopaedic Appliances (NOA), India introduces a perfectly designed and fabricated TIBIAL FUNCTIONAL BRACE to meet with various applications. It is manufactured from high grade plastic material with perfect precision.
Design :
  • It is a four part splint to be reconstructed to form a well fitting cylinder with the help of Velcro straps. There is one quarter strip for each medial, lateral, anterior and posterior sides. It has flares for tibial condyes and malleoli. It acts as PTB brace with the foot piece attachment.
Advantages :
  • Period in plaster cast can be reduced significantly.
  • Weight bearing is allowable depending upon the condition of bone/fracture.
  • Removable and hence skin care is easy.
  • Light weighted and comfortable.
  • Cosmetically highly acceptable.
  • Economic.
  • It can be cut to adjust perfect fitting.
Sizes :
  • 1,2 (Children) / 3,4 (Junior) / 5, 6, 7 (Adult) for Left & Right side
Navchetan Orthopedic Appliances offers various types of orthotics and prosthetics devices including tibial functional brace, leg braces, and PTB brace. The tibial functional brace can be cut to adjust perfect fitting.
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