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turn buckle splint (N08)
Elbow Turn Buckle Splint
Features :
  • Innovative splint to correct contracture of elbow
  • Corrects contractures of soft tissues very fast as compared to conventional physiotherapy.
  • Better compliance of the patient as active physiotherapy becomes much easier then otherwise.
  • Decreases the rehabilitation time, so that muscular atrophy is prevented or lessened.
  • Much better and faster and results produced.
  • Works on 'Three Point Fixation' mechanism
  • Reveting on plastic material to protect against uncue force while correcting (revetting gives way on undue force so that tissues are not damaged).
Advantages :
  • Well padded, washable, reusable & economic
  • Very good patients's compliance
Sizes :
  • Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
The elbow turn buckle splint is an innovative splint to correct contacture of elbow. It is well padded, washable, reusable and economic.
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